I developed a certain affinity for art at a very young age. Drawing was more about visualization than the actual pencil strokes. I would see something in my head and drawing it was simplified down to reproducing what was already in my mind. When I started my devotion to art, I leaned toward the digital field where I explored typography, layout, color and pattern in two-dimensional form. My journey began in advertising and communications. My creativity limited this, steered me to the direction of art and design. My work includes projects ranging from brochure, newsletter, print ad and web design. All my work has the same focus on communication and detail. When creating a design I must consider how it will appear on different contexts such as web, print, or large-scale ads. This is essential in creating a design that is adaptable to everyone.

Digital art allows me to go beyond pencil and paper and show my ability in a rapidly growing industry. My mediums range from pencil sketch to digital illustration. Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator allow me to use the computer to sculpt my creative ideas. I develop new ideas that come from experimenting with the tools and methods that are available through Adobe Creative Suite. My mindset allows me to generate unique, inventive art. I do not set out to create artwork, but instead to illustrate a product or concept. My work is influenced by the world around me; creating themes and stories that the viewer can relate to or understand. As I work I find inspiration in my surroundings, and location is something present throughout my art. When I am not working on a piece for a client or specific audience, I create imagery through locations I’ve visited. For a love of traveling, I find the landscapes of my favorite locations or destinations I hope to someday visit in my illustrations.

Color is used as another means of communication in visual art; it can change a viewer’s emotional response. Color is very important within design; it is the building block for a prescribed reaction. The slightest detail can change a piece, when it comes to print or web design. Color can be viewed differently based on its surrounding colors of complements, which adds to the importance of making a correct choice. If a color is an important aspect to the client’s idea, it must be portrayed in its best light. An example of this is communicating what exactly the consumer is asking. I created an ad for a company based on their top interactive designs. The ad was to be displayed at trade shows. The exact color of the company’s identity was to be portrayed as well as directed to the correct audience. A specific orange was constant in the company’s original logo. The exact color was requested by the client to be portrayed in the final piece. It took multiple mock-ups until the final design was approved. This color represented the identity and playfulness of the audience. Because this company had a specific audience or clientele, the colors and typeface are looked at vigilantly. Each can affect a piece if not considered. This speaks to the importance of color and type in an industry where detail is essential.

Though I develop my work through a client’s preconceived idea of an ad, I still have many choices that are individually mine. These choices are how I communicate though my work. For example, I choose the colors, typography, layout and the size of a piece. These choices are how I convey ideas to a consumer. I consider it direct communication of a concept or idea; whether that idea is mine or not is irrelevant. I influence the viewer through the choices I make, and in the end I am the step between a company and a consumer as they make choices of their own.

Graphic design enables me, as an artist, to manipulate and stimulate an indicated logo or idea as a specific message. Design is about communication to the masses. In order to create an affective piece, you must listen to what message is relayed in the original concept. It is important to achieve this by giving multiple ideas or concepts to the client. I am fueled by my passion to create good design. I will continue to grow as an artist through creating affective pieces of art and advertising.